Support for Ukrainian citizens

Photo illustrating the news item

Mykolas Romeris University’s (MRU), expressing support for Ukrainian nation, which is experiencing Russian aggression, has prepared humanitarian, legal, and other type of aid for Ukrainians studying at MRU as well as for partners in Ukraine. MRU is prepared to offer existing university resources and also personal staff and student volunteered help.

MRU is ready to offer free studies and temporary financial assistance to Ukrainian citizens whose studies are already disrupted or for whom it will become impossible to pursue higher education in Ukraine:

• There are 60 Lithuanian state scholarships for full-time Master’s degree studies available this year and the amount of scholarships offered for Ukrainian citizens has increased twice. Apply here.
• All Ukrainian citizens applying for Bachelor’s degree studies automatically participate in competition to receive a First year tuition fee waiver.
• Students of Ukrainian universities who have arrived in Lithuania will be able to continue their studies in a secure MRU environment if their studies at their universities are organized remotely.
• Ukrainian citizens who are unable to continue their studies at the country’s universities can contact MRU Academic Affairs Centre by e-mail on the possibility of continuing studies through the credit transfer procedure obtained at Ukrainian universities.

More details and contacts at MRU website.

22 Mar 2022