Hurry up! 2 days has left to apply for studies! ⏰🎓

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Hurry up as only 2 days have left to submit your application and become a member of MRU international students community 🎓🌏

7 reasons to choose MRU:
🔸The largest social sciences specialized university in Lithuania
🔸High quality of studies
🔸International environment
🔸Green campus, perfect location and affordable accommodation
🔸Free of charge Korean and French language courses and other extra curriculum activities
🔸6 free of charge MRU Psychological consultations during one academic year
🔸Flexible study schedule
🔸Free individual MRU Career Center consultations

⏰ Application deadline: 1st of July. Ready to create your future?

🎓 Choose your study program and start creating your future right now:

29 Jun 2022