How to write a motivational letter that stands out?

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Are you planning to apply for studies at MRU? A well-written motivational letter can open up more opportunities for you.

Here are some tips for writing a successful motivational letter!

Do your research. Do not rush to start writing a motivational letter. Get to know the study programme of interest first. It will help you decide on the key points you want to include in your letter.
Introduce yourself properly. The introduction is an essential part of the motivational letter. In this part, you should share not only basic personal information but also reasonably and sincerely explain why you want to study in the chosen study programme.
Show direction and motivation. Since our admission team already knows about the chosen study programme, try to explain why you are a suitable candidate. Tell more about your professional experience, achievements, skills that could be useful to the academic community of the university, and your future plans.
Conclude qualitatively. Summarize your letter briefly and concretely. Highlight your motivation and enthusiasm, and do not forget to thank the reader.

Feel ready now?
Submit your application for studies at MRU and write the best motivational letter of your life!
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22 Mar 2023