Elene, Nino and Ina from Georgia speaks about their studies in Vilnius

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More and more Georgian students are choosing studies at Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), Lithuania. Currently there are about 30 students, who are seeking for Bachelor or Master degree.
Thus, we decided to meet three young ladies studying at this University and ask how do they like it.
Elene Dundua, Bachelor degree student in Psychology programme;
Nino Menagarishvili, Master degree student in Communication and Creative Technologies dual degree programme validated by Middlesex University, UK;
Ina Katamadze, Master degree student in European and International Business Law joint degree programme with University of Savoie, France.

Can you tell, why did you choose to study in Vilnius and Mykolas Romeris University?
Elene: I wanted to study in European Union, I thought it would broaden my horizons and give me an opportunity to be an excellent world’s citizen.
Nino: The main reason why I chose MRU is that it gives not only good education, but also my programme leads to two diplomas.
Ina: After my bachelor studies in Georgia, I was searching for master programms in European universities. I found Mykolas Romeris University at one of the most popular web site. There were presented variety of universities from different countries, but finally I chose Lithuania and MRU. Before making this decision I checked and read every possible information about university, its history, achieves, programme, subjects, professors. After that, I was assured that MRU is the most acceptable and the best option for me.

What do you like most about Lithuania?
Elene: I haven’t been here for a long time, so it is difficult to estimate.
Nino: I‘m here not for a long time too, but I can say that Lithuanian national food is good and Vilnius is quite calm city.
Ina: I had never been in Lithuania before, so I am also still learning about its history and culture. Here I want to mention friendship between two nations, during Soviet Union times, when there were liberation movements in both countries.
After 5 months living here, I can say that Vilnius is already my city! It is a wonderful city for people, who love nature, variegated culture, artlessness, and quiet lifestyle. Narrow, curved streets, the most valuable historic and cultural sites are concentrated here. In the old town buildings of many different architectural styles are blended. Numerous churches, museums, theatres, green areas, natural reserves, and lakes as well as the combination of old town and modern districts create impressive surrounding. And I feel here really free and secured at any time of day or even night, I haven’t seen or heard about any crime.

Can you share your impression about your study programme, teachers and learning facilities?
Elene: Lecturers know very good how to work with students, especially with the first year bachelor students. They are kind to us.
Nino: Level of study at MRU is high, we have 24 hour working library fool of useful books, the learning environment is very cozy.
Ina: I really enjoy my master’s programme in European and International Business Law, it consists of very interesting subjects. I like the way of studying here, lecturers are great professionals in their field and friendly at the same time. Very often we have guest professors from different countries or local successful lawyers, who lecture in practical way or manage some debates about specific issues.
As well as Nino, I enjoy library and its atmosphere, you can study there whenever you want, even at midnight.
My chosen study programme is joint with Savoie University, and I am looking forward to spend my last semester living and studying in France! After graduation, I’m going to receive both university’s diplomas.

What would you like to tell the other Georgians, who would like to come for studies in Lithuania?
Elene: I would say that, if they know about this university and won’t use this opportunity to come and study here, they will lose a lot.
Nino: I would definitely recommend to come in Lithuania for studying. It is really good place, but everyone should be aware, that the weather is a bit cold in winter here and life in dormitory can be difficult, as you have to share all the facilities with other.
Ina: I would say: “It’s your turn now! You have to try, nothing is impossible! Now you got very interesting and important period of life. Here is time when you have to think about and create your future! Use every chance, develop your academic and interpersonal skills! None of the success would be satisfactory without the realization of real feelings, such as power of freedom, power of independent and power of knowledge!”

2 Mar 2016