English Language Minor Studies

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Minor English Language studies are designed for those, who are willing to enter Bachelor study programme at Mykolas Romeris University, but do not have sufficient knowledge of the English language necessary for high quality and free studying.

Students entering major Bachelor study programme together with minor English language studies, first study year will focus on language studies only. After completing one year minor studies in English language and reaching sufficient English language proficiency level international student will continue studies on their selected Major.
“The programme aims at developing the English language skills and is foreseen as a part of bachelor degree studies provided in English,” – says programme director prof. dr. Jolita Šliogerienė. “The enrolled students have a possibility to choose minor studies in the field of English philology and major studies in their preferable field. Professional English language teachers will help to get acquainted with the country and its culture as well as opportunities the university can offer.”

19 May 2016