Information for International Transfer Students

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Mykolas Romeris University welcomes transfer students who have begun their University experience elsewhere. The easiest is transfer students from European Universities thanks to European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).
Persons, who finished a couple of university study years in accredited international universities in their home country or elsewhere and feel it’s time for a change without losing some credits (accomplished studies) they have passed can apply to Mykolas Romeris University as international transfer students.

As international transfer student for placement in advanced year of the academic programme or for ECTS credit transfer recognition, the transfer applicant have to follow the same admission process (admission procedure) in the same way as for the new university student.
Additionally to all required documents, the credit transfer student must include a copy of original transcript of records, confirming year of study, issued by the University in which the applicant has studied, presenting the following information: course title; the workload of all studied courses (the number of lectures, practices and seminars) for each course taken; the obtained ECTS credits or equivalent, the final examination mark in each subject; the grading system in the respective (university) country.
At the beginning of academic year, the transfer students are assessed individually by the Faculty staff, who match previously collected credits to the programme at MRU and then make a list of difference subjects/credits that students will have to complete (if applicable) to get on level with the MRU‘s programme. This commission decision is based on academic record of transcripts submitted by transfer students. So it is advisable to present the most complete documentation of university results.

31 Aug 2016