Be sure about the programme you have chosen and look to broader opportunities

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Gulnara Taghiyeva, Master degree student from Azerbaijan, chose joint master study programme European and International Business Law at Mykolas Romeris University. She agreed to share her experience about studies in Lithuania:

What influenced your decision to come to study in Lithuania the most?

Gulnara: I was working in the sphere of contracts and faced a lot of issues related to taxes, business law and understood that I have gaps. Therefore, I decided to continue education and take masters. My main aim was to find a programme in international commercial or business law. After search in different study portals I found International and European Business Law program in MRU. Initially coming to Lithuania was not my goal, as I wanted to study in Germany, but found the program which exactly reflected my idea on perfect international business law program in Lithuania. Also double degree proposed by this programme was a great plus and strengthened my intention to study here. I also was honored with State scholarship and was touched that Lithuanian government found me as prospective student. So after taking some thoughts I decided that studying in Lithuania will be the best option for me.

What is great about studying at Mykolas Romeris University?

Gulnara: I like the studying model in MRU. We have discussion style of education, which stimulate brain to work, solve cases and face real situations at university level. Also sometimes we have invited practitioners, which is very useful, as they share experience which we can have in the future and mistakes which we should escape. There are also opportunities within university to develop professionally, learn new languages, like Korean, French.

What are the benefits of studies in Lithuania?

Gulnara: I think the main reason why students choose Lithuania is that you receive European education for low price. Also there are quite low living expenses as well as having an opportunity to explore Baltic culture. Personally, I think that the main benefit about MRU is that it has a lot of joint programs with other universities around the world, like Korea, France, Ukraine.

What is the difference between studies here and in your country?

Gulnara: In my country (Azerbaijan) we still have an old Soviet Union style of education system, where only lecture speaks and students just listen. This is very passive way of education and at the end of the day you don’t remember anything properly. So I definitely like the system here when we have discussion and case studies during the seminars.

What would you like to tell other young people, who are looking for possibilities to study abroad?

Gulnara: First of all, you should be sure about the programme you have chosen. I have some friends who had dropped studies, because it was not what they wanted. Also some of the students during their masters not sure if they really want to study the area they have chosen. Bear in mind that you have to be sure, so you will not waste your time. The second, look to broader opportunities. Most students are looking for programs in Western Europe, where is quite expensive, while there are lot of programmes with the same quality in Eastern Europe and Baltic countries. I found my programme in Lithuania and don’t regret about my choice. Always remember that everything that happens in your life is for better and full of new hidden opportunities. Wish you good luck in finding the programme of your dream.

8 Dec 2016