Changes on educational documents evaluation in Lithuania

Photo illustrating the news item

We would like to inform you that Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education has made changes in the Methodology according to which, starting from April 1, 2017, the foreign nationals who consider studying in Lithuania and ask the Centre for the academic recognition of foreign qualifications, must submit a confirmation letter from the higher education institution, stating that the applicant is considered for admission.

The higher education institution may submit the confirmation to the Centre through e-mail or to the applicant, who should present it to the Centre personally. We would also like to notice that such confirmation is not required from:
• Citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, other European Union and European Economic Community member states;
• People who are refugees or under subsidiary protection, as well as those waiting for the refugee status or subsidiary protection;
• Foreigners from countries that do not belong to European Union or European Economic Community but who have a permit to reside in the Republic of Lithuania.
The application for the academic recognition of foreign qualifications is nullified if the confirmation from the University is not received within 3 months from the day of application to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.
Please inform us by e-mail after you will submit documents to SKVC in order for us to send a proof of purpose.

29 Mar 2017