MBA at MRU – the best choice for mid-career professionals

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The administration of Mykolas Romeris University announces the formal accreditation of the newest academic programme, the Master of Business Administration degree (MBA). The MBA degree is the most internationally recognized programme of study that prepares graduates in the fields of business and management. While traditional business programmes use a lecture and test model, the MBA enables professional and career-oriented participants to learn theories but more importantly how to apply theories to solve real world business problems. Based on an American teaching model and using international faculty from the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and other countries teaching alongside of Lithuanian professors the MBA at MRU provides instruction in economics, accounting and finance, marketing and innovation, organizational behavior and leadership as well as entrepreneurship and other areas of study.

Using highly interactive teaching methods, professional participants will engage faculty and fellow participants with discussions, trips to businesses, projects, evidence-based practice of problem-solving, laboratory, and e-learning. Knowledge, skills and abilities (KSI’s) will be developed so that graduates of MRU’s MBA programme will transition seamlessly into advanced career opportunities, both in Lithuania and internationally. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) will be measured throughout the programme culminating in a strategic Capstone course that evaluates how well participants can operate a successful business venture.
MBA at MRU programme targets mid-career professionals from all disciplines and fields of study and work. Simply stated, many professionals in engineering, medicine, financial services, NGO’s and the public sector, find that as they advance in their careers, they move from doing technical and functional work to operating and managing large scale projects and organizational departments or divisions, and they find that they are performing business functions for which they are neither educated or prepared. The MBA highlights the vocabulary of business accompanied by both hard and soft skills development focusing on self-management, relationship-management, and organizational-management. While other common Executive MBA programs target executives already in leadership positions and charge many thousands of euros to complete, MRU’s MBA programme targets those mid-career professionals who are organizationally mobile, and we offer an affordable option in a one-year format.
Participants in MRU’s innovative MBA can finish this programme in one academic year. Currently, we invite inquiries and applications from qualified applicants from Lithuania and abroad. Additional details and programme descriptions may be accessed through MRU’s special MBA website:
The number of seats in the MBA at MRU programme is limited to 20 and only students, starting the programme in 2017/2018 intake will have a chance to get a special discounted tuition fee. The full tuition fee is 4480 EUR for EU students and 6240 for non-EU students. However, those entering this year, will pay only half of this tuition!

11 May 2017